Suzanne Roberts:Zazu (Mix Poodle)

"My dog loved Alisa and was comfortable being left with her. She let me know how my dog doing and goes the extra mile in terms of service and her personal approach. As far as trimming goes, I asked for a simple cut and that was fine. My dog was very soft and nicely trimmed afterwards and she smelled fantastic. Attention was also given to nails and ears."

Suzanne Roberts

Roxanne Pastou:Ziggy (Labrador-Terrier stray mix dog)

"Alisa took great care of Ziggy, she knew how to approach him and make him feel comfortable and gave us excellent tips that really worked! After trying many groomers in Amsterdam and always ending up disappointed, we are so happy to find Alisa! She is the best dog groomer and such a great person as well!"

Roxanne Pastou

Maya Bakker (terminally sick mother and owner of one beautiful dog):Didi (Italian Water Dog)

"I am writing this message from the hospital and can only say that Alisa is an angel. In the time that we were unable to maintain hair of our adopted dog Didi, she took it over, did a great job, made me cry sending beautiful gifts from my home country. She is in my eyes angel and I am meeting angles these days quite often. Thank you Alisa"

Maya Bakker (terminally sick mother and owner of one beautiful dog)

Andrea Mantineo:Daisy (Wheaten Terrier)

"I can't give enough praise to Alisa - Daisy was cut perfectly and came home calm and happy. Two days following her 'spa day', we walked by a cafe with people outside and I heard a man say "what a beautifully groomed dog". As someone who lives in the Centrum and doesn't have a car, the pickup & drop off service was great for me and Daisy (who is not fond of crowded trams). We will be back!"

Andrea Mantineo

Julie Jay:Ted (Toy/mini Poodle)

"I couldn't be more happy with Ted's grooming. Nails, ears and cut all perfect. Ted came home looking and smelling great and so happy :) Thank you so much Alisa! Your positivity and generous and kind heart is beautiful!"

Julie Jay

Nana Ginzbourg:Becks (German Sheppard)

"Alisa truly loves animals and treated my dog with love, a lot of care and patience. It was a great service of picking up my dog and returning her smelling and looking amazing. My dog was really relaxed there, enjoying all the attention. My dog has anxiety when travelling - as a rescue she is very anxious she will be left behind so Alisa suggested a solution also for that, to prevent unnecessary stress from my dog. It was great meeting Alisa and her family, people who love and adore dogs, you can see on the photos what great connection she makes with her clients. Will definitely go back and recommend for your doggies :)"

Nana Ginzbourg

Natalia Rivera:Cosmo (Mix Terrier)

"Our dog, Cosmo, had a great day at Alisa's. Since Cosmo can be a bit shy (we adopted him from a shelter), we asked Alisa whether one of us (my husband) could stay alongside Cosmo during the whole time since it was his first time with her, to which she gladly agreed. According to Alisa, it was a good decision. Everything went smoothly: she trimmed him, filed his nails, and returned him nicely perfumed. She was really kind and nice to him and to my husband. Great, great service. Highly recommended."

Natalia Rivera

Karolina Joniec:Scotsie (Cairne Terrier)

Alisa is a lovely person and it shows she loves her job! Our dogs trusted her immediately, even my slightly aloof rescue. She did a great job at grooming our Cairn terrier troubled by skin allergies. He looks so much better now! And all the little extra's, the pick up service and the goodie bag, are just a cherry on top. I definitely recommend her services!

Karolina Joniec

Kiri Whan:Betty (Shih Tsu)

Alisa is a fantastic groomer. My dog Betty loved spending the afternoon with her and came back looking great. The pick up and drop up service is excellent. I will definitely be coming back to Happy Paws!

Kiri Whan

Joel Eschler:Ollie (Havanese)

Alisa pampered my Havanese pup Ollie during her grooming adventure. She is usually quite nervous around strangers but by the end of the day they were obviously both great friends. Alisa took the time to make sure she knew about the breed, Ollie's specific nuances and even her history. She obviously loves animals and I can't recommend Alisa enough.

Joel Eschler

Anna D Tsevis:Chewbacca (mix Griffon)

Alisa is top! She is sweet and caring and provides the full spa treatment (so much so that I am jealous of my pup ;). I am usually afraid to leave Chewbacca alone with anyone but my sister but Alisa made it so easy with the pictures and updates :) Chewbacca came back from the spa clean, rested, stylish and super happy. Alisa made sure to cater to all of his special needs and make him trust her enough to brush and clean and clip all that was needed. As a dog owner for 6 years in the Netherlands I have been to many groomers and no one compares to Alisa. Highly recommend happy paws to everyone who loves their pup <3

Anna D Tsevis

Lori Bruns-Clavell:Wall-E (Shih Tzu)

Alisa was amazing. Not only did she take my dog Wall-e on short notice, she treated him like a prince and spoiled him with a day at the spa. "As soon as we arrived, Wall-e was instantly at ease and didn't show any nervousness. I came with my family so she offered several nice suggestions for things to do in the area while we waited. I had no problem or worry leaving Wall-e and enjoyed the day out. When we came back we found a new dog! Wall-e was terribly matted but she was able to fix him right up! His fur was soft and beautiful. I like him to be shaved but my husband likes when he is a bit more shaggy. Alisa gave us a nice balance of both. She also provided pictures of Wall-e's transformation and a "goodie bag" to take with us. You can tell that she truly enjoys the work and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone."

Lori Bruns-Clavell

Orsolya Balogh:Floki (mix German Sheppard) & Morris (Pomeranian)

Alisa is the BEST!! I can't express how satisfied I am with her job! She offers excellent service for a very reasonable price, but actually it's more than that. She truly cares about her four legged furry clients just as much as about their owners ;) She was the first person who I trusted to give my two babies to take them away. I don't regret it at all! I received updates and pictures through the whole day. Then I got two shiny, clean and super happy dogs back. She explained everything what she did and also gave some good tips for us how to take care of the dogs' fur. I recommend her to everybody! She is really knowledgeable, reliable and connects well with all kind of dogs. Without a doubt she is the greatest groomer in the Netherlands ;)"

Orsolya Balogh

Lara Pandya:Niki (Shiba Inu)

"Believe me, Alisa's outstanding reviews are not too good to be true - they are every bit the truth. It's rare to find someone you feel you can 100% trust with your fur baby, but Alisa instills such confidence into the owners of her clients through her evident love and deep compassion for the 4-legged friend. And boy is she good at her job - Nikki, our Shiba Inu, was just finishing her third week of her biannual mass-shedding and Alisa did an amazing job, investing the time, care and perseverance needed to gain Nikki's trust and rid her of her still substantial undercoat, whilst also making it a fun experience for her (and me, with all the photos I got sent along the way), with breaks for treats and playtime and walks in the countryside. She came back half the size (mission achieved!), super happy and smelling fresh as a daisy and the excellent service wasn't finished there; Alisa was so kind to take the time to sit with me and give some great tips and advice on how I can groom Nikki myself. I can't recommend Alisa highly enough and what makes her stand out from any other groomer you might consider using is that she does this from the goodness of her heart and because it is something she really enjoys doing. Thank you Alisa for such a great experience for both Nikki and I!"

Lara Pandya

Mia Giacomazzi:Leonna (Shih Tzu) & Raji (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Thank you Alisa so very much! I love that picture of the dogs all wrapped up after the bath, especially Leonna with the shower cap on her head and Raji in the bathrobe. They both came back looking and smelling so nice. They definitely got the spa day treatment and were so happy and tired from running around all day. We will never consider another groomer in Amsterdam (even though you are a bit outside). You were so nice with the dogs, and that makes all of the difference. No cage and three hours waiting around. They had a wonderful day and came back happy and beautiful. Thanks again so very much for everything and we will be calling again soon for another special day for our special pups!

Mia Giacomazzi

Lulu Davies:Coca (Cocker Spaniel)

You are such a great writer and groomer, Alisa! I hope Chelsea finds a home soon and thank you for being such an angel. This is way beyond what I was expecting and I'm truly happy we met and thankful that we have you in Coca's and our life now! Thanks for taking such great care of Coca. See you again soon!

Lulu Davies

Alexandra Burton:Maximus (Cocker Spaniel)

Thank you for taking such great care of Maximus! He had a GREAT day and you are so lovely to help us! Can't thank you enough!"

Alexandra Burton

Susanne Susanita:Bianca (Toy poodle)

"Many people recommend Alisa to me, and I thought give a try... Surprisingly I found very confidence on Alisa even before I met her, I have no worries at all by leaving my little dog with her for all the hours. My dog came back with great smell (better than my own perfume) , great style and super happy. I'll definitely have Alisa for the grooming again! Thanks Alisa for all the tips, advices and well care!!! Appreciated !"

Susanne Susanita

Tiffany Chanel Vlaanderen:Kimani (Corgi)

"Alisa is absolutely wonderful with my dog Kimani. You can tell she takes extra care in showing him love and noticing the details for grooming. It is such a lovely treat for my dog to spend the day with her to walk and get treated like a prince! I would highly recommend her for her care and attention."

Tiffany Chanel Vlaanderen

Sonu Shetty:Cookie (Labrador)

"Alisa was fantastic and could actually see the love what she has for these lil monsters ., looking fwd for the spa day ..! Thnk u so much .! My boy enjoyed it!"

Sonu Shetty

Silva Aby:Pancho (Labradoodle-mix)

"After reading so much about her on the "Expats with dogs in Amsterdam" Facebook group, I was looking for the perfect occasion to call Alisa, which came when our dogie finally needed a bath and some pampering. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but Alisa was so nice, helpful and reassuring! So easy to get along with, and you can tell immediately what a wonderful and loving human being she is. We even chatted for hours, like good old friends! Through out the day, she sent me pictures of how my dog's day at the spa was going, adorable!!And I could see the amazing connection she had with him <3 She did a great job with Pancho (our beloved stray dog), he came back home beyond happy, looking gorgeous and smelling great! But the awesome service did not stop there! We got a "dogie bag" with several gifts for Pancho and a usb with the whole Photoshop from his day at the Grooming Salon. She also gave us a few advice on how to treat a spot on our dogs skin and talked to us about the pet-sitters she knows. With Alisa you get way more than you could ask for. Faith in humanity: restored! Thank you so much Alisa!!"

Silva Aby

Natascha Brener:Stormy & Simba (Maltese & Shih Tzu)

"It's hard to put into words the service provided from happy paws! Alisa is not only the best dog groomer I ever had but also the kindest one too. When my dogs were picked up, my heart felt broken.. but Alisa kept me updated with photos and feedback on the boys. I know my boys and could tell they were happy and she picked up on their personalities right away! I think the boys had one of the most lovely day of their life and look forward to the next grooming session!! Alisa also made a card, goodie bag and xmas gifts!! (We loved it). Thank you from the heart!! Hvala ❤️"

Natascha Brener

Nura Michelle Gabrielli:Foo (Staffordshire bull terrier)

"Alisa is an amazing groomer and a true dog lover! Our girl Foo was very happy with the treatment (especially the facial) and we had a great time at the salon with Alisa and her family! Alisa was loving and patient with our over-exited pup, thank you so much!"

Nura Michelle Gabrielli

Sandra Chko:Lucky (Westy)

"Alisa is an amazing groomer and person. I loved her unique approach to dogs because she is caring, takes time for them and makes them feel comfortable at her salon. Lucky had a great time, looks good, smells good and we are definitely coming back."

Sandra Chko

Jennifer Cook:Milli (mix rescue dog)

"Alisa goes above and beyond to make the best experience for the dogs and owners. She knows her stuff and was great with pointers/tips on caring for my Millie. Thanks so much, Alisa, hope to see you again soon. xxx"

Lulu Davies:Coca (Cocker Spaniel)

We LOVE Alisa as a groomer and as a person. She is the most caring and detailed groomer I've met. I remembered the first time Coca came back, we were so amazed by her work. She didn't just shaved Coca like what we expected, she trimmed Coca's hair done nicely, even in his ears (very important for Cocker Spaniel). My husband and I also love the updates with pictures during Coca's SPA day. Coca always looks so happy when seeing her and when he came home too. I can see he enjoys the walk in the country side and hanging out with Alisa and her boy very much. I can't recommend Alisa enough but most importantly, I truly appreciate her love and care to our baby doggie and her big heart for rescued dogs in shelter. Thanks Alisa, keep up the great work!!

Lulu Davies

Anna Parkin:Milly & Mijo

I was extremely impressed with Alisa and her professionalism. She also did an amazing job interacting with both my dogs and my children (as a bonus). My one dog is shy around new people but I could tell she was curious about Alisa and it didn't take long for my dog to warm up to her. Both my dogs were happy and tired from their spa day. I could not recommend Alisa enough.

Anna Parkin

Veronica Nicolson:Zaida (Spanish water dog)

Alisa is the best groomer that I have ever met in Ámsterdam. She is so kind with dogs and you can see from the first moment that she loves animals and is very passionate about her job. Also the work she does its really good too. So at the end it's a 5***** for your little one. I highly recommend Alisa.

Veronica Nicolson

Paula Cathersides:Maxi (Maltese)

The best service by far I ever had in Amsterdam- Maxi had the best day and came back � super smart and perfectly groomed highly recommended to all dog lovers we will be back!

Paula Cathersides

Sonja Blauuw:Leffe (mini schnauzer)

My pup and I had such a wonderful time with Alisa today! This is the first time I saw a groomer take as much care and time with a dog, she was attentive and in-tune with our needs. She was simply amazing! Thanks so much!

Sonja Blauuw

Kirk Davies:Coca (Cocker Spaniel)

We're really happy with Alisa's grooming and the care that she gives Coca. She gives up regular updates of her work and it's always top notch. Coca really loves spending days with her, as he gets so much love and attention! Thanks Alisa.

Kirk Davies

Maria Trini:Artu (Shih Tzu)

Alisa is the best groomer than Arthú ever had! She loves dogs and you can easily feel her passion for animals. I highly recommend her, she is a lovely person. Thank you very much again! I see you soon! Maria

Maria Trini

Kathryn Clarke:Rocket (toy poodle)

An absolutely lovely lady! My puppy came home so happy and fresh! He had a wonderful time and we will definitely use Happy Paws again!

Kathryn Clarke

Clara SoutoCiara (poodle):Ciara (poodle)

Omg I'm totally in love how my little lady got at home! Alisa is AMAZING! I'm so thankful, highly recommend!!!!

Clara SoutoCiara (poodle)

Adriana B.:Billy (poodle)

Een geweldig plek voor elk hond. Mensen met zoveel passie en zoveel liefde voor dieren. En die koekjes, ons Billy is er helemaal gek op.

Adriana B.

Surekha Sharma:Candy (Maltese)

I sent my little darling Candy to Happy Paws now for some time. All the times the service provided by Alisa of Happy Paws is awesome. She really makes my dog Candy feel princess. The hair cutting, nails, ear cleaning, paws cleaning etc all are done with extreme care and nicely. Thanks Alisa, you are superb!!! Keep it up.

Surekha Sharma

Debbie Duncan:Cody (Golden Retriever)

Really pleased with Happy Paws. Today Cody, my 12 year old Golden Retriever, had the best grooming he has had in a long time. She did an amazing job with his coat! Cody is now super soft, de-furred, and smelling good. Alisa is super kind and helpful! So glad I found Happy Paws! p.s. in the loving memory of our dear Cody! We'll never forget you!

Debbie Duncan

Aleksandra Kulecka:Tabby

I genuinely want to say that it was a great pleasure for Tabby and me and to meet Alisa. She's very knowledgeable and skillful groom and also great and positive person. next time i will bike all the way there and back

Aleksandra Kulecka

Julia Soldic:Zoe (Toy Poodle)

We had heard many scary stories about groomers, and were a little nervous to send off our little pup on her first grooming experience. Thank God, a colleague recommended Alisa, because Zoe came back even happier than she was before leaving. Her ears were plucked, her fur was so so soft and shiny & she even got a little goodie bag with self made dog cookies. Thanks for taking care of Zoe's grooming, and for having such a big heart for animals <3

Julia Soldic


I highly recommend Happy Paws Grooming salon. The level of service is exceptional and Alisa runs her business with such passion and heart. Alisa sent cute photos throughout the day and our dog came back with a cute bow on and a bag of treats. I really appreciate the pick up/drop off service as well. Thank you Alisa!

Virginie Chic:Doei-Doei (mix)

Thank you Alisa for having done such a great job! My dog has never smelled so good. The hair on the body was short as I wanted and perfectly shaved (no imperfection). No only you have done your job perfectly, but you have also treated Doei Doei in a perfect way, pampering him the whole day + gave some home-made dog cookies when back home!! - SUPER SERVICE - See you in +/- 6 months!

Virginie Chic

Chris Groot:Snoopy (Beagle)

Great grooming Salon with great personal service. Would definitely recommend going here.

Chris Groot