We are located in the middle of beautiful country side area called Green Heart of Holland, small town Nieuwveen. Our shop is result of pure passion & love for animals, and consist of: AKC SAFE certified groomer/dog stylist, very experienced driver (ex military-current police officer-owner of Data Protection Passionist) and little boy who is Head of Pets Entertainment. Our groomer is also certified in Animal Communication and First Aid with broad knowledge on animal healthcare & diseases among canines. We provide SPA day for you dog, grooming & styling, pick up & return services and lot of fun & entertainment during the whole day. At the end of the day we pack nice small gift, a goodie bag for each groomed dog with several items among which are our famous home made dog cookies (our specialty). In addition, we also offer small collection of unique handmade souvenirs and pets related items!

Our shop is modern equipped salon where we use only high quality tools (e.g. BIO-groom, Chris Christiansen, Andis, etc) beside biodegradable and non animal tested products. We follow current innovation on the market and renew our equipment on regular basis. In order to reduce stress caused by noises (e.g. blow dryer), for our furry customers we use very silent and low vibration equipment in combination with additional calming items as “Happy Hoodie”, T-Touch bandages or animals REIKI touch methods, etc. Aside of that we are fully equipped with wonderful additional spa treatments as; various conditioners and hair masks, facial treatments for dogs, leave in conditioners, KERATIN hair treatment, sprays for dry or damaged hair, color buster sprays, paws balm treatments, etc.
For the owners of furry friends we offer waiting area, free warm or fresh beverages and various treats for our furry friends!

In the case that you are too busy to bring your dog to us, that's no problem as we can pick up your dog from your home and return after grooming. We are fully adjusted to the working owners as pick up can be agreed to be before owners go to work (working days 07:00-07:30 am) and drop off when owners are back home after the work (after 06:30pm). Weekend pick up time is adjusted to give owners some extra time of sleep in the morning. Day before the grooming/spa day for your pet, our groomer always sends REMINDERS with all relevant details, not to forget our appointment.


During the day we stay in touch by sending lot of pictures from your pet so you know it is in good hands and well treated. Their smile and good look upon return will tell you all!
Pets are walked as many times as needed as well as fed with Pedigree high quality dry food (e.g. if pet has special diet, then we ask owner to provide some food for the day).

*If you wish to stay in touch with us and see what are we doing on a daily base please visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happypawsnieuwveen/.

*If you wish to know more about our overall services, please check ‘Service’ tab on our page.

*‘Gallery" & "Testimonial"  sections will tell you more about our work, quality we provide and how we treat your dogs while away from home. The trust and excellent customer service is the main drive in our business beside well-being of your pet!

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So please come to visit us at our lovely Happy Paws grooming shop and we promise not to disappoint you!!!